THE BIRMINGHAM COLLECTION: Funny Short Stories for Unsettling Times – my new eBook is out now!

Hi all, I have amazing news to share: my short story collection is published in Ebook today!

At £3.99, it’s a cheap but uplifting lockdown fiction fix and I’d love your support.

Mostly I hope the stories will make you smile & laugh during this awful time.

Your support means the world. Feedback from two of my favourite authors has been great too.

 Best Selling author Erin Kelly has written: “I read these short stories in a single greedy gulp. 
Wersha’s voice is fresh and funny but don’t let that fool you:
her work packs killer punches about family, community, empire, power, what it means
to move through the world in a female body and the dubious logistics of
packing three generations into a Datsun Sunny. Highly recommended.”

Order your copy at Thank you!

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